Experience of Picamilon Application for
Correction of the Psychical State Under Tense
and Extreme Conditions of Activity.

Novikov VE, Kovaleva LA.

[Article in Russian]

CNIMPL, 26, Raspletin St., Moscow 123060, USSR 


The study of Picamilon therapeutic efficiency for correction of the psychical state in men under different tense and extreme conditions of activity was carried out. Picamilon was applied on 20 sportsmen in the period of the most intensive sporting and training activity and also on 19 men, the eye-witnesses of significant natural calamities who took an active part in liquidation of their consequences.  Picamilon was shown to possess a significant positive effect on the appearing in some patients under the above mentioned condition neuro-psychic disordera of asthenic, asthenoneurotic and asthenodepressive character.  Picamilon application resulted already on the 2nd-3rd day in considerable decreasing of psychopathological manifestations. Besides this Picamilon was found to increase the capacity of work and the organism stability to the action of significant physical and psychoemotional tension.  This and the ability of the drug to influence on psychological and vegetative stress subsyndromes allow to resume on Picamilon acto- and stressprotective action. 

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from an article by Richard Brown MD

I have also found picamilon to be a helpful medication.  This Russian medication is a combination of GABA and niacin in the same molecule.  It is helpful for anxiety and depression, especially with cerebral vascular disorder with mood symptoms  continue 

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