Picamilon Application in Therapy of Patients with Alcoholism

Novikov VE, Kovaleva LA.

[Article in Russian]

All-Union Scientific Centre of Narcology of the Ministry of Health of USSR, 
Kropotkinsky per., 23, Moscow, 119034, USSR


The results of picamilon clinical investigations while treating different states in patients with alcoholism are analyzed. Some data are reported about the positive effect of the drug for interrupting of alcoholic abstinent syndrome, chronic asthenic disorders after grave abstinent states and asthenic, astheno-neurotical and subdepressive disorders in patients with alcoholism in remission. The rather high activating and psychoregulating effects of picamilon were observed.  While by interrupting of abstinent disorders picamilon produced the same positive effect in patients with 2 and 3 stage of alcoholism the comparative estimation of its influence out of abstinence and in remission indicated that picamilon was most effective in treating patients with grave 2-3 and 3 stages of diseases.  It is presumed that picamilon application in complex therapy of patients with alcoholism is advisable.

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from an article by Richard Brown MD

I have also found picamilon to be a helpful medication.  This Russian medication is a combination of GABA and niacin in the same molecule.  It is helpful for anxiety and depression, especially with cerebral vascular disorder with mood symptoms  continue 

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