Preclinical Study of the Picamilon Injection Drug

[Article in Russian]

NPO "Vitamins", Nauchny proezd, 
14 A, Moscow 117246, USSR


Picamilon is an original vasoactive and nootropic drug used in medicine as 0,01 g, 0,02 g, 0,05 g tablets.  The new picamilon drug form has been developed.  It represents 5% and 10% solutions for injections in ampoules.  In experiments on animals the new drug form has been found to possess pronounced cerebrovascular activity and antihypoxic effect as the before studied substance of picamilon.  Picamilon posesses low toxicity by singular and long administrations, it doesn't produce any local irritative effects by intramuscular and subcutaneous administrations.  Picamilon has not any negative effect on animal blood vessels. The drug is not an allergen.  Picamilon doesn't possess any cancerogenic activity.

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