Pharmacokinetics of Picamilon in Mice

[Article in Russian]

Institute of Biochemistry, 
Lenin. Komsomol boul., 50, Grodno, 230009, USSR


Dynamic of concentrations of the radioactive material in whole blood and organs of white mice as well as its excretion with urine in rats after per os or intravenous administration of sodium salt of nicotinoyl-14C-g-aminobutyric acid in the dose of 500 mg/kg with the specific radioactivity of 0,0069 uKi/mg have been studied.  Picamilon is rapidly absorbed by blood (t max = 0,23 h) and penetrates well through blood-brain barrier.  Picamilon is intensively absorbed by animal organs and tissues and retained in them from 3 to 6 hours.  Picamilon bioavailability is high enough and reaches 88% under intramuscular administration. Under per os administration in mice picamilon bioavailability is 21.9%, in rats from 53 to 78.9% depending on the dose (according urine excretion data).

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