Pathogenetic treatment of 
central chorioretinal dystrophies with picamilon

Basinsky S. N., Krasnogorskaya V. N., Lenis Yu. A. 

[Article in Russian]

Annals of Ophthalmology No2 2001


Picamilon was used in the treatment of 48 patients with central chorioretinal dystrophies. In group 1 (34 eyes) the drug was delivered to the posterior pole of the eye through an infusion collagen system, which was followed by He-Ne laser exposure. In group 2 (46 eyes) the patients were given picamilon tablets. The following examinations were carried out in all patients before and immediately after treatment: evaluation of visual acuity, borders of peripheral visual field, critical frequency of fusion of flashes, visocontrastometry, electroretinography with consideration for pathological changes in the retina, rheography, direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy. Electric sensitivity and electric lability of the retina were evaluated and the function of the off/on channels examined. Subjective and objective parameters improved both in the first and second groups (in 98 and 65%, respectively). Picamilon promoted extension of the peripheral borders of visual field, improved contrast sensitivity, and increased the velocity of the sensorimotor reaction, which indicated improvement of interactions between neurons and of receptor function.

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